The Dreaded Sweet Tooth

Today is one of those days that I cannot eat anything that isn’t sweet. It is AWFUL. I had a peach smoothie for breakfast and went for my run and it started half way through my run. All I could think of was a slice of blueberry pie or chocolate milk or brownie batter or a frappuccino with whipped cream and carmel drizzle. When I got home I went ahead and had some chocolate milk (it’s good for recovery, right?). But then my mom asked me to go pick up a cake from the bakery.

At the bakery, the pastry case was wolf- whistling at me and promising me sweet nothings to get me to eat them. I resisted. But only because I didn’t have enough money to get them and the cake. So I went home and tried to eat lunch, but I couldn’t even handle crackers and hummus because it wasn’t chocolate hummus.

My sweet tooth will not just leave me alone.

How do I eat like a normal person today? I still don’t quite know.

But I’m writing here to tell you what I’ve discovered: raspberries and cinnamon is delicious.

It is the only thing that is getting me through a day like today. The combination tastes better than if you sprinkled sugar over the raspberries. These beautiful little suckers are in season and will help keep me from getting a stomach ache from too many sweets (because I will probably have cake for dinner).

You’re welcome.

English: Raspberries Français : Framboises Deu...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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